R.A.C.E to win!

A great way to end the season at RACE Superseries!

Due to the Round 1 cancellation, inconsistency in rider turnout, and Burns Racing consistently breaking all of their bikes I found myself second in points after winning the Lost Era Lightweight race at Round 4. With Alan Burns only 3 points ahead and Colin Duncan one point behind coming into the weekend it was anyone’s game for the championship!

It was only my second time ever riding at Shannonville and my first time running the Pro Track configuration. I really enjoyed the pro layout and found it a lot easier to push myself and use more of the track compared to the long track configuration.
ue to the cancellation of racing at Round 1, there was a makeup race at the final round so it was a double round for many classes. Burns Racing once again succeeded in throwing in the towel on both of their machine’s before the racing even got going. Determined to give us a run for our money Alan Burns managed to grease some palms and borrow an SV650 off of David Walker.

A mediocre start in the heat race put me third into turn one but I quickly got by Burns before the hairpin and set my sights on reeling in Colin. I made the pass into T2 around half way and set sail figuring I would get to the flag unchallenged. To my surprise Colin came flying past on the back straight on the last lap just as we caught a lapper so I rolled out of it and followed him in for a second place finish.
Damn. Now we were tied on points.

The Saturday final started very much the same with the exception of Tyler Brewer being grouped with the lightweight bikes on his lost era heavyweight R1. I quickly passed Tyler and got behind Colin while Alan was somehow pulling away on the SV. Tyler made quick work of all of us with the extra power and cruised off to the win. Alan made us work for it as we couldn’t get by him for three laps. Colin had more pace than in the heat and I could stay with him but wasn’t making much time. With two to go I started to gain and made the pass into T2 on the final lap. He pulled level on the brakes at the end of the back straight as we took turns seeing who could let off the brakes the most and still make the turn. He made the pass so I braked hard to get the undercut. Colin ran a defensive line into the esses so I setup wide and cut in early diving down the inside into allens as he tried to cover me off. I had the inside line, made the corner and cranked the gas to beat him to the line. What a great battle!

I knew for the Sunday final I would need to get out front early and pull a gap to try and get away from Colin’s better straight line speed. The lights went out quick and caught the other guys napping and I grabbed the hole shot into T1. I got off the back straight still leading and and my plan was coming together. Red Flag. Damn. I was going to have try and do it again. A short delay and we were back on the track. Low and behold I had a repeat of my first start and grabbed the holeshot again into T1. I put my head down and looked for Jdr TeamRed on the pit wall giving me the gaps. I was pulling out a lead until coming onto the front straight to take the white flag my foot clipped the shifter while sitting up and put the bike into first instead of third! Fuck! Quickly clicking up two and passing two lappers I was somehow still in the lead but I knew Colin would now be close. I braked late on the back straight but he braked later. Maybe too late. It took him all the pavement to get it stopped and I made the undercut and gassed it through the esses braking late into Allen’s and flew across the line to take the win and the 2016 RACE Superseries Lost Era Lightweight Championship!


All the races were awesome and Colin Duncan is a great competitor! Hats off to him for making the class so much fun!

Big thanks to Burns Racing and 3 Walker Racing for their support, wisdom and getting me out to Shannonville in the first place. Thanks to all the Marshall’s(Especially Mike, and Linda Willis) and the CRCA for all their hard work while roasting in the sun and freezing in the mornings. Thanks to the EMS as well as they had a busy weekend.

It was great to see Jay Vincent, Tyler Brewer, Paulo Campos, and Jacob Rombough out at the track again. Big thanks to Ty and Paulo for giving me some scrubs for the Sunday race as my rear tire was knackered. Also great to see Lindsay Thomson making up the three man commentary crew on Sunday.
Thanks to all the other great riders I have met at RACE this year(You know who you are) that made it such a great experience.

No rest for the wicked as the season is still not over for me. I am back at my home series of SOAR this coming weekend to wrap up the season. Still in the hunt for both Lost Era titles but it is going to be an uphill battle for sure.

Come on out and cheer me on! Just make sure to bring a parka!

Photo credit to Heather Bashow(cover) and Jacob Rombough(flag).

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