Kyle Newman

Kyle Newman


Unlike most road racers I did not grow up riding bikes. I didn’t get involved with anything motorcycle related until I was in my twenties. It’s all thanks to a college friend and his old Suzuki GZ250.

In 2010 I took the M1x course and got my road license. I did the responsible thing and bought a 250 as my first bike. I was soon attending group rides and before long leading my own rides. I put 20,000km on the bike in my first year riding all over Ontario. Every Sunday was ride day. I was hooked.

I had my first track experience when I took the Turn2 riding school at Calabogie Motorsports Park in 2011. It was a great experience and lots of fun. It taught me a lot about riding technique and bike control and to do it at Calabogie was a treat.

In 2012 I did my first proper track day and managed 5 more through to the end of 2013.

I found myself wanting more. The speed I was riding on the road was getting dangerous and would more than likely lead to a court room or a hospital. Trackdays were fun, but they were lacking the competition to really make me push my limits. It was at that point I decided I would try my hand at racing. I sold my street bike and bought an old 600cc race bike of my good friend Ken. I used whatever money I had left over to buy a one piece racing suit and registered for the SOAR series at the spring motorcycle show. I would be competing in the Lost Era Lightweight and Rookie Challenge classes for the 2014 series.

The 2014 SOAR season was all I could have hoped for as a rookie coming into the series. I was lucky enough to make the podium nine times out of eleven starts including two wins in the rookie class. I ended the season clinching the rookie class championship at the final round of the season and finishing third overall in the lost era lightweight class.

The 2015 SOAR season was a series of highs and lows. The season got off to a good start with two wins and a podium in the first three rounds and headed for round four with the Lost Era Lightweight points lead. I was also invited to race with the Nearly Normal endurance team where we, with the help of team leader Clive Young, were able to get a win and a podium in the first three rounds. Unfortunately, I broke my left femur at round three in a stupid crash and was not able to make it to round four. With a lot of positive energy and help from my friends and family I was able to make a quick recovery and return to the track 6 weeks later to try and pick up a few points to keep my championship position. I was able to come back and grab one more podium in the final two rounds and secure third place in both the Amateur 600 Extreme and Lost Era Lightweight classes.

The 2016 season was my most successful in terms of results. I broadened my horizons by competing in both the SOAR series at Grand Bend Motorplex, and the RACE superseries at Shannonville Motorsports Park. I was able to secure the SOAR Lost Era Heavyweight championship, and the RACE Lost Era Lightweight championship. I was also once again able to finish third in the Amateur 600 extreme class at SOAR.

I am looking forward to the 2017 season where I will be on new machinery and aiming for the Amateur 600 Extreme, Amateur Superbike, and Amateur Open Sprint championships at SOAR. I will also be participating in select CSBK rounds in the Amateur Sport Bike and Amateur Superbike classes.